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1347. After a bloody battle at Crécy, the Essex Dogs pick through the wreckage of the fighting – and their own lives. Now the Dogs are sent to attack the soaring walls of Calais where a new siege is beginning.

To get home, they must survive in a lawless camp that is deadlier than any battlefield. Obsessed with finding the Captain, Loveday is losing control of his men. Romford is haunted by a horrific figure from his past.

And Scotsman is spiralling into a pit of drink, violence and self-pity. The Dogs are being torn apart – but this war is far from over. It won’t be long before they lose more of their own…From a vast siege camp built outside Calais' walls, to pirate ships patrolling the harbour, and finally into the darkest corners of oligarchs’ houses inside a starving city, this captivating and darkly comic story brings the fourteenth century vividly to life.


Size: 128mm x 196mm x 25mm


No. pages: 416

Essex Dogs: Wolves of Winter by Dan Jones

SKU: 9781838937966
VAT Included
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