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"KFYK - Kingfisher Young Knowledge" is a science-based, highly visual, inspirational learning experience. Lively, engaging text explains the basics of a favourite subject, zooming in on intriguing aspects illustrated with stunning, full-colour photographs. Project spreads, featuring activities to do at home or when out and about, encourage hands-on involvement and understanding.

"KFYK Reptiles" introduces readers to the huge range of reptiles that live on land and in water. Reptiles come in all shapes and sizes and many have amazing talents. Find out why snakes swallow their meal whole, why geckos have to lick their eyes and how chameleons catch insects with their tongues.

Fun and easy projects will help young readers discover more about reptiles.

Size: 200mm by 260mm by 10mm


No. Pages: 48 Pages


SKU: 9780753413081
VAT Included
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