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Mystery, beauty, enchantment, incompleteness, desire, suffering . . .

In this highly readable book, John Pritchard explores around 20 experiences common to us all. Each of these, he believes, offers us a route to a more authentic existence, an insight into some aspect of the divine. Whether you are just starting out on spiritual exploration, or have some experience of 'signs of transcendence', this book will reassure you are on the right track, and point the way forward to the 'beyond in the everyday', the 'something more' we are forever designed to seek.

'What do we do when, as John Pritchard puts it, the burning bush has gone out and nothing is left but wet ash? Well, for a start, something like this: speak to the everyday post-religious twenty-first century world in its own terms, with respect and without concealment, about the ways in which, in everybody's experience, the damp ashes still gleam unpredictably with the promise of something more.


Size: 138mm x 216mm x 8mm


No. pages: 164

Something More : Encountering The Beyond In The Everyday by John Pritchard

SKU: 9780281073528
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