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There is a cat. A cat that couldn’t be bothered to do anything … anything at all. His friends ask him if he wants to play but he doesn’t feel like it.

They invite him on adventures to far-off places, but he would rather stay at home. Until one day, a friend asks how he is doing, and the true reason why he’d rather do nothing is revealed. He is feeling sad.

 This is a story about feelings, friendship and the importance of speaking to someone when you don’t feel right. This beautiful socially aware story:Reassures kids that feeling sad sometimes is normalHelps them understand others’ behaviour and promotes empathyEncourages them to be more in touch with their feelingsProvides a sense of fun while also broaching a tricky topicBoth children and adults will love the quirky and hilarious cat’s refusal to take part in anything and the sweet and important message behind this story. It’s never been more important to introduce kids to the importance of mental health.

This bright children’s book is an easy way to talk about feelings and looking out for others. It provides an excellent jumping-off point for at-home and classroom discussions about emotional wellbeing and caring for others.

Size: 275mm by 234mm by 5mm


No. Pages: 40 Pages

The Cat Who Couldn't Be Bothered by Jack Kurland

SKU: 9780711287440
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